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Terms & Conditions

All warranties are given by manufacturers, and vary from product to product. They are informed on each product page.

The situations for Exchange and Returns of products are as follows:
· Withdrawal of purchase (term of up to 7 days);
· Faulty product;
· Defect in product found manufacturing problem;
· Operational error;
· Incompatibility of products;
* Accessories such as charger, battery, headset, power supply, A / V cable, HDMI cable, batteries, are not included in the warranty;
* All merchandise returned must accompany original packaging with all manuals and accessories belonging to it.

If there is evidence of a fall, misuse of the product, software problems, intentional burned components, product installation negligence, broken seals or seals or physical malfunctions of any kind, if the product does not return in the original packaging, the return will not be accepted .

* Receivers: There are no guarantees on problems that arise from the negligence of the installation, in which they compete, to the burning of the tuner's, burning in the HDMI output, bad change made of the software causing blackout, seals violated.

· All products will undergo a technical analysis for verification within 7 days after delivery at our address.

· For maintenance the product will be sent to its respective manufacturers or importers for verification and testing. In this case the total term for replacement or repair of the products is up to 30 days.

· The freight expenses are the responsibility of the buyer, and the freight may be partially compensated by Casa Nogan only in specific situations of operational error of the store at any stage of delivery, or the product is within the specifications of the warranty terms.